The Blue and White in Ceramics in France 1650 – 1750

Symposium organised by the Association pour l'Etude de la Céramique. 23rd and 24th November 2019

The most recent research on this key period, at the end of the Renaissance, and before the development of the industrial era:

The colloquium and its events:

  • Constitution of the major faience centres of: Lyon, Rouen, Montpellier, Paris, Nevers, Marseille, Moustiers, Lille, Bordeaux, Champigneulles, Lunéville, Strasbourg
  • Development of faience manufactures in most of the France regions
  • Competition with the neighbouring countries (Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Holy Roman Empire)
  • Chinese imports by the Indian Companies
  • Stylistic evolutions: appropriation of influences from China, the Islamic-Ottoman world, the Italian Renaissance and development of more typically European settings: lambrequins, ironwork, “Berain”, hunting and mythological scenes, etc.
  • Domination of cobalt blue on a white background on the polychromy of the previous century and before the return to colour in the second half of the 18th century,
  • Invention of soft paste porcelain (in France, England, Belgian) and hard paste porcelain (in Meissen)
  • Diffusion of skills, migration of ceramists and painters.

This symposium will bring together eminent researchers, curators, collectors and experts who will share their latest advances.

In addition to the conferences, external events will be organised (museums, private collections, galleries).


Publication of the colloquium:

The proceedings of the symposium, a collective work, will present:

  • conference texts, and feature articles on factories and the history of the period
  • synthetic files for the about sixty workshops or factories identified in France during this period
  • reproductions and stylistic comments of many unpublished pieces held by members of the association.

(500 pages and 1500 colour illustrations)


About the Association pour l’Etude de la Céramique :

The Association pour l’Etude de la Céramique was created more than 25 years ago to bring together collectors, amateurs, antique dealers, experts and museum curators… all passionate about the art of ceramics. It has more than 200 members


Practical information:

  • 23-24 November 2019 with extension to Friday and Monday for non-conference activities.
  • Location: Grand Salon of Lycée Jean Zay, 10 rue du Docteur Blanche, 75016 Paris, metro Jasmin

Participation fee:

  • Members of the association: 45
  • Non members: 60
  • Meal option taken on site: 30 € per meal
  • Conference proceedings: 30 in subscription; 40 from the colloquium; + shipping costs