We are delighted to welcome Claire Blakey, Curator of Modern Decorative Arts at the National Museums Scotland, and Dr Rachel King, Curator of European Renaissance and Waddesdon Bequest at The British Museum. They will discuss scholarship dedicated French lead-glazed moulded ceramics and will look at specific examples that have lead them to recent discoveries. We hope you can join us!

Living Room Lecture: Post-Palissian Ceramics: moving beyond the master – Claire Blakey and Rachel King

Time: Sunday, 7 November 2021, 18:00PM London, UK (GMT)

Members will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to join the online lecture. If you want to join, please contact us for more details on FPSenquiries@gmail.com.



Post-Palissian Ceramics: moving beyond the master

Claire Blakey and Rachel King

French lead-glazed moulded ceramics are present in many museum collections today but their dating and attribution is often uncertain. This talk will use the collections of the British Museum and National Museums Scotland as its starting point, to summarise past scholarship and to look to the future for these objects.

Recent scientific analysis carried out by colleagues in French museum collections has allowed for new light to be shed on a group of wares previously only known through their presumed link to the pottery master, Bernard Palissy (1510–1590). Moving beyond Palissy, the talk will explore the role print culture played in their creation with the help of a case study, ultimately leading to an unexpected discovery.

Image: Dish, The Battle of the Centaurs and Lapiths, French, late 16th or 17th century. Lead-glazed earthenware, A.1885.31. © National Museums Scotland