Dr Mia Jackson, Curator of Decorative Arts at Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild Collections), National Trust, recounts the fascinating story of how Alice de Rothschild’s love of ceramics helped shaped the collection now on display at Waddesdon. This is a great opportunity to know more about Alice’s taste and to mark the centenary of her death. We hope you can join us!


Living Room Lecture: Alice de Rothschild and Ceramics

Time: Sunday, 11 December 2022, 18:00PM London, UK (GMT)


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Alice de Rothschild and Ceramics

Dr Mia Jackson

The Rothschilds obsessively collected Sèvres porcelain and Alice de Rothschild (1847-1922) was no exception. An article from 1885 published in Paris recounted that ‘Miss Alice, Alfred and Ferdinand de Rothschild hunt tirelessly in the great dealers’ shops of Bond Street, such as Wertheimer or Durlacher, for what still can be found of the precious remnants of the past glories of our Royal manufactory’. Not only that, Alice showed a keen interest in Meissen and maiolica but also, less typically for her family, English and European pottery. This lecture will explore her collections of ceramics.


Image caption: Alice de Rothschild’s Red Sitting Room, Waddesdon Manor c. 1909.