Decorator and Date Marks on C18th Vincennes and Sèvres porcelain by David Peters


The date letter and decorator mark sections of Peters’s Sèvres Plates and Services of the 18th century, 2015, has now been published separately and in updated form as a stand-alone guide under the title Decorator and Date Marks on C18th Vincennes and Sèvres porcelain. The same sections were originally published under that title in 1997.

The guide has the same format as in the 2015 book, including the same page numbers and cross-references to other sections of the book. As the result of an evidence-supported re-assessment of early date letters and suggestion of a changed understanding of those letters it became possible to re-evaluate early decorator marks on the basis of painter work periods and salaries and a more exact, calendar-year dating of porcelain bearing date letters and those marks. This has enabled attribution of a number of early decorator marks, including letters, numbers and pictorial and geometric devices, to likely painters. It has also become possible to draw clearer distinctions between some closely similar and hence confusable marks and, conversely, to recognise that in some cases different marks were used by the same painter. Users have been identified, with varying degrees of certainty, for more than thirty early marks. Corrected attributions and additions have also been made in relation to some later decorator marks. Research material and discussion of unidentified marks is presented in a separately available supplement, intended only as an evidence and research document.

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