Volume II (2005): ‘Claire Le Corbeiller: a Tribute’, ‘French Porcelain in the Victoria and Albert Museum’ and ‘Other Topics’ Edited by Oliver Fairclough and Aileen Dawson

Clare le Corbeiller: A Tribute

Part I: French Porcelain in the Victoria and Albert Museum

Sèvres Porcelain in the V & A: New Light on some Eighteenth Century Hard-Paste Rarities
Aileen Dawson

A Note on Slip Casting in Eighteenth Century Europe
J.V.G. Mallet

A Saint-Cloud Price List in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Charles Truman

A Vestige of a Quintessential Art: A Sèvres Tobacco Jar and Cover in the Victoria and Albert Museum
Deborah Gage

A Sèvres Porcelain Tea Service in the Victoria and Albert Museum with Surprising Credentials
Ros Savill

Part 2: Other Topics

The Orléans Porcelain Manufactory: Its Production of Soft-Paste Groups and Figures
Cyrille Froissart

A Test Vase in ‘triscuit’ Hard-Paste Porcelain made at Tours in 1782
Cyrille Froissart

Hettlinger and his Feather Pictures
Aileen Dawson

Gods and Goddesses: A Brief Note about a Set of Niderviller Figures in a Maryland Family
Diana Edwards

Les ‘Grands Hommes’ en Sculpture à Sèvres au XIXe Siècle
Tamara Préaud

An Ice-Cream Pail from the Sèvres Service ‘des Oiseaux de l’Amerique du Sud
Oliver Fairclough


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