Volume VIII (2020): Ceramics as Sculpture Edited by Diana Davis, Oliver Fairclough and John Whitehead

Introduction. Sculpture and Ceramics: points of affinity and difference
Claire Jones

Sculpture en céramique, et bien plus: ornement et figuration dans les chapelles de Luca della Robbia à Impruneta
Federica Carta

Of Wit and Gallantry., On the figures of Johann Joachim Kändler in the Context of the Eighteenth-Century Fête Galante
Sarah-Katharine Andres-Acevedo

Mimetic Strategies in Meissen Porcelain Sacred Sculpture
Sabrina Leps

The Early Sculptural Porcelain of François Barbin at Villeroy and Paris
Errol Manners

Porcelain and Sculptural Aesthetics: The Evidence of the Zwettl Table Centrepiece
Matthew Martin

Paint it Black: A Wedgwood Bust of Antinous as Bacchus
Iris Moon

Sculpting the Pittoresque: Clodion’s Erigone
Elizabeth Saari Browne

Porcelain and Sculpture Networks in Eighteenth-Century Paris
Alicia Caticha

Contributions to the Study of Porcelain and Terracotta Sculptures attributed to Giuseppe Gricci and other Sculptors active in the Buen Retiro Factory
María Ángeles Granados Ortega

Les Créations Originales des Sculpteurs à la Manufacture de Sèvres (1848-90)
Tamara Préaud

Tanagra Mania: Collecting, Displaying and Emulating Greek Tanagra Figures in the Fin de Siècle
Anne Anderson

An Art Director’s Approach: Gio Ponti and Ceramic Sculpture for the Richard-Ginori Factory
Oliva Rucellai


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