Volume IV (2011): France and the Exotic: Papers in Honour of Tamara Préaud, Archiviste, Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, 1969-2010 Edited by Oliver Fairclough

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Geoffrey de Bellaigue

China, Japan and ‘Chinoiserie’ in France between 1660 and 1750: Overview and New Perspectives
Thibaut Wolvesperges

Gold Decoration on French, German and Oriental Porcelain in the Early Eighteenth Century
Errol Manners

The duc de Bourbon’s Passion for the Exotic Taste: Soft-paste Chantilly Porcelain 1730-1750
Manuela Finaz de Villaine

Repackaging China for France: The Collaboration of François Boucher and Gabriel Huquier
Perrin Stein

Louis Marie Augustin, duc d’Aumont (1709-1782): Un Grand Collectionneur de Porcelaines Orientales
Stéphane Castelluccio

Les Bains Chinois
Geoffrey de Bellaigue

A 19th-Century Royal Sèvres Déjeuner Chinois Réticulé: an Important New Acquisition at the Detroit Institute of Arts
Alan P. Darr

Une chinoiserie à la manufacture de Sèvres au XIXe siècle: ‘La porcelaine nouvelle’
Antoine d’Albis

A Taste of India and Persia: a Sèvres buire and plateau of 1854
Linda H. Roth

L’influence du Japon et de la Chine à Sèvres (1848-1897)
Tamara Préaud

A Sèvres Vase ‘de Blois’ in the University of London
Howard Coutts and David Ingham


This volume is now out of print



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